Kayak Lifts:
   "Have you ever been caught out in incelment weather and     struggled to get back to shore?"
   "Have you ever wanted to fish areas to far to paddle?"
   "Have you stayed out to long and became exhausted and     overheated during the summer months?"

 If you've answered yes to any of these scenerios you need     to give Captain Glenn "Hammer" Hammond a call at     713.208.0683.

    Areas of Service:
Freeport Bridge to San Luis Pass Bridge
All Bays, Marshes, and Estuaries in between.

    Response Time(s):
    1 Hour from the time of call.
    To schedule a kayak lift in advance please call with a 1     day notice.
    * In some cases Capt. Hammer may not be available for     lifts. Please call with your float plan a day in advance if you     are planning on using this service.


                   Trip Rates:   
                   $50.00 for 1 -2 Kayak Pick Up
                   $25.00 for each Additional Kayak
                   * Maximum of 4 Kayak's a Pick Up