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   little better.

   Captain Glenn "Hammer" Hammond was born in Houston, TX. His Grandparents owned a bait camp on the North Jetties in
   Bolivar, TX so Glenn started fishing the coast as a small child. As he grew up, Glenn and his brothers would ride their bikes to
   bayous, ponds, and lakes to fish. When Glenn was old enough to get a car he migrated back to the coast to fish.

   Melinda Hilliard Hammond was born in Houston, TX. Her Parents owned a beach house in Surfside back in the 50's so Melinda
   started fishing the coast as a baby and did so until Hurricane Carla sent her parents inland. Once inland Melinda started fishing
   the area lakes until she was able to get back to the coast.

   Glenn and Melinda meet back in 1980 when their love for fishing got them together. They have been fishing ever since then and
   have been able to fish all over the world. Their fishing travels have taken them to Europe, Hawaii, Jamacia, The Bahamas,
   Mexico, and all over the Texas Gulf Coast.

   Glenn and Melinda like trying their skills at tournament fishing and have placed in the top numerous times. Glenn has won 1st
   place Red, 1st place Trout and in the same tournament Melinda took 2nd place Red and 3rd place Trout. Melinda also likes to
   the Ladies only tournaments. She fishes the "Lady King Fish" tournament in South Padre Island and in 1998 she took the title
   "Grand Champion" of the bay division and 2nd pace Trout. To qualiy for "Grand Champion" status you must catch a Texas Grand

   In 2001 Glenn applied to Sea School and obtained his Captain's license. And as they say, "The rest is History". To fish with
   Captain Glenn "Hammer" Hammond is and educational and entertaining experience.
   Beach House Rentals: Call for Pricing.
  - 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath, Futon Couch, Complete Kitchen, BBQ Pit Downstairs
- Back Yard is Swan Lake
- Very Tranquil Setting